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deliver high-quality products and exceptional services

We are unique in founding a whole design center, in the 10th of Ramadan City, beside Cairo, which is specified in creating and developing custom-made ideas.

Our professionals are selected according to the global designers' criteria to assure the quality and the creativity of our ideas and designs, using the most updated CADCAM software to come up with as many colors and sizes as required.

They are continuously exposed to the international exhibitions and inspired by latest industry trends.

Our Quality Lab uses the up-to-date equipment and techniques that comply with international quality standards. Our technicians and machinery perform a wide range of tests on all our fabrics, such as pilling, rubbing, tensile strength and seam slippage.

Our Color Lab is equipped with the latest machinery that ensures color accuracy and compliance with fabric color codes.

Colors are tested twice; once in pre-production and post-production using highly accurate spectrophotometers that test dye compliance to assigned production parameters.

Tests include checking color fastness, color stability, resistance to chlorine, perspiration, seawater and dimensional stability.

Knitted garments go through a rigorous process using ‘Sclavos’, ‘Scholl’ and ‘Thies’ machines for dyeing.

The fully automated machines apply minimal tension to the fabric, which is then squeezed in balloon hydro extractors and fed into relaxation dryers.

Woven fabrics made of cotton, viscose, linen, polyester and other blends are processed using pigment, reactive and disperse dyes.

We use two advanced laser printing machines for eight color rotary printing. We also provide modern laser engraving and color separation systems; all conducted using the latest in industry CADCAM software.

We offer one of the most diverse selections of finishing processes in the market. Both mechanical and chemical finishes are available that are tailored to clients’ needs.

Silky, rubbery, oily, papery, waterproof and soil proof finishes are available, alongside other types of finishing techniques that include Teflon finish, crease resists, sanforizing, emerizing, raising and shearing.

From its inception, one of the main objectives of WARDATEX has been to provide buyer’s satisfaction by offering quality products on time. Through our planned infrastructure, competent management and perfected organizational collaboration, we aim to maintain our quality consciousness which, in turn, enables us to preserve our customer’s continued patronage.

WARDATEX ever-growing reputation in the Home Textile, Home Wear and Underwear is based on a simple but unwavering philosophy that runs through every aspect of our production process: QUALITY! To ensure such quality, our internal Quality Assurance Department (QAD), under the leadership of highly experienced quality manager, along with a team of well-trained quality inspectors, are operating the QAD independently and autonomously of the production team.

Our QAD is subjected to continuous training to meet the new developments in the industry, and works towards quality assurance using the most sophisticated and modern technology and techniques.

The pursuit of excellence has honed our QAD to the extent that our in-depth accountability and bar-coding system can trace each single apparel to persons who have individually stitched, checked or supervised the process, even after the manufacturing course has long been complete.

Lower defects percentage even by international standards and a dwindling number of customer concerns reinforce our belief in our quality guarantee system.

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