Based on true care and passion

With our own factory and production line, we manage and control our production process from A to Z, keeping an error percentage close to 0%. We also establish procedures that help us minimize time and material waste effectively

Experienced staff

We keep ourselves up-to-dated with the utmost vogue, and will work closely with you through every step of the process to make sure you’ll get exactly what you want.

Best possibility

Thanks to our Teams, we are able to created exclusive designs to meet your order’s requirement and expectation.


WARDATEX is a prominent and pivotal factory, which is specialized in Home Textile, Home Wear and Underwear. It is located and founded in 1982 in Egypt, and considered one of the biggest Egyptian pioneer factories in that field. It is founded by one of the most effective figures in the textile market, Eng. Eid Labib, who is always aligned by the international standards and abided by the highest quality in addition to the most of customers' satisfaction criteria. WARDATEX has got its position and reputation as a leading producer and manufacturer of Polyester and Cotton textile fabrics.

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